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Susan J. Buniva, MSW, LCSWWelcome. I am so glad you are here and want to support you in gathering information as you make this important decision to find either a therapist or a collaborative divorce coach. Choosing a therapist or coach involves finding someone with the right training and credentials but also someone with whom you will feel comfortable as you approach this challenging process. I am sure you are looking for someone with both experience and training in the type of difficulty you are experiencing and who practices in a way that fits your personality, values and goals.

Though I provide both therapy and divorce coaching, I do not provide both services to the same person as they are distinctly different services designed to address very different needs.

I hope that you will make yourself at home on my site and learn more about the services I provide, how I practice and if I might be a good fit for you or could help you find someone who would be a good fit. Though I have tried to anticipate your questions and concerns, I am sure that you may have questions that I have not addressed. You are welcome to call me to further explore those questions and/or concerns.


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